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We are principally engaged in the design, air purifiers, development, manufacture and sale of electric fireplaces, air purifiers and home decor products. Our electric fireplaces and home decor products are designed and developed with appealing design and functionality. We aim to create new and diversified products with artistic design and functionality to enhance the quality of the users' surroundings that will reflect their furnishing styles.

We were principally engaged in the export of porcelain products from 1993 and we commenced to design, develop, manufacture and sell our home decor products under our Allen (亚伦) brand since 2005. In 2008, we commenced to sell electric fireplaces and thereafter our revenue derived from this business segment has been growing at a faster rate than that of the home decor product segment. In 2014, we commence to sell air purifiers. Allen (亚伦) brand was accredited as a Well-known Trademark of the PRC (中國馳名商標) in respect of our home decor products by the SAIC in 2011 and a Famous Trademark of Fujian Province (福建省著名商標) in respect of our electric fireplaces by the Administration for Industry and Commence of Fujian in 2012.